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Natural color diamonds

A Rainbow of Rarity: An Overview of Fancy Color Diamonds

Diamonds captivate with their spellbinding brilliance

Diamonds captivate with their spellbinding brilliance and intricate light reflections. And while most diamonds are prized for their colorless crystalline clarity, "fancy color" diamonds exhibit an alluring palette ranging from light pastels to deepest inky black. These extraordinary shades - referred to as a diamond's "body color" - arise from structural impurities and mineral traces absorbed during their billion-year formation deep underground.

The most coveted fancy color diamonds display vivid hues of red, blue, green, orange, pink and purple. Prized for their rarity and natural allure, these vibrant diamonds owe their rich chromatic saturation to irregular atomic lattices and light-bending inclusions. Their unique compositions allow absorption of certain colors while transmitting others back to the viewer's eye. The most desired vivid color diamonds achieve their ranking by showing no traces of secondary colors.

By contrast, subtle fancy color diamonds exhibit muted overtones in champagne, brown, gray and yellow derived from common nitrogen impurities deposited in the crystal carbon lattice. These faint diamond colors rank among the more affordable fancy shades, in part because they’re encountered more often in raw uncut roughs from mining regular operations.

While pure transparent diamonds transmit white light unaltered, proprietary treatments can also artificially induce fancy diamond colors not seen in nature. Irradiation exposure and heating processes physically alter the gems' molecular structure to generate green-blue, crimson-pink and fiery orangey-yellow hues reminiscent of sapphires or rubies. Distinct from clarity-enhancement steps applied to some gemstones, these finishing methods used on raw diamonds have a permanency that withstands cleaning, heat and everyday wear over a lifetime.

From canary tones to chocolate hues, cognac tones to champagne elegance, the array of available natural and treated colors empowers modern brides and grooms to customize their engagement rings around what diamond shades resonate most symbolically with their relationship. Fancy colored diamond rings telegraph personality, convey meaning, and signal growing acceptance around rewriting "tradition" to better reflect who we are.

Above all, no matter which mesmerizing diamond color catches your fancy, rest assured scientifically verified details about your diamond’s properties and sourcing origins are a database click away. Insist on responsibly sourced natural or treated diamonds certified by universally respected grading standards you can trust.

The Fascinating World Beyond Colorless

For most people, the word "color diamonds" conjures images of colorless stones glinting under light. However, nature creates these precious gems in a rainbow of hues through slight impurities and structural anomalies. Called fancy color diamonds, these vivid stones enthral connoisseurs with their splendor and rarity [1]. As per industry experts, fancy color diamonds are trending in high-end diamond jewelry for their uniqueness and ability to complement different outfits and jewelry sets [2][3].

Scarlet Beauties: The Allure of Pink Diamonds

Varying Shades of Romance

loose pink diamondThe most prized of fancy color diamonds, pink diamonds dazzle with their beauty, ranging from pastel blush to vivid fuchsia [4]. Their color comes from distortions in their crystal lattice structure during formation [1]. As the rarest gemstones on Earth, only one in 10,000 diamonds possesses any hint of pink [4], adding to their value. From the strawberry luster of the Williamson Pink to the saturated fuchsia of the Graff Pink, these diamonds captivate with their romance and mystery. Pink diamonds are also popularly used in engagement and wedding jewelry [2].

Blue Ice: The Crisp Allure of Blue Diamonds

Glacial Elegance from the Deepest Mines

loose blue vivid diamondPerhaps second only to pink diamonds in prestige and value [1], blue diamonds bewitch with their icy beauty. Their cool blue color stems from the presence of the element boron during their formation in the crust of the Earth [4]. Mining blue diamonds requires descending deeper under the planet’s surface than for other colors [1]. In shades from pale blue sapphire to rich navy, these glacial stones entrance collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike with their elegance. The Hope Diamond stands as the most famed blue diamond in the world.

Sun's Glow: The Warmth of Fancy Yellow Diamonds

From Bright Sunflower to Deep Cognac

fancy vivid yellow natural diamond

Fancy yellow diamonds capture the luminous essence of sunshine, exuding irresistible charm. Ranging from the bright yellow of a sunflower to amber cognac [4], their golden glow comes from nitrogen impurities during their crystallization in the mining rough [1]. Sometimes known as canary or champagne diamonds [4], fancy yellows shine with optimistic radiance. The Tiffany Yellow stands out as one of the largest known fancy yellow diamonds at over 128 carats [5].

Passionate Embers: The Fire of Red Diamonds

Extreme Rarity Igniting Fascination

pear red diamondPerhaps the rarest diamond color of all, captivating red diamonds owe their rich crimson and pinkish-red hues to a lattice structure distortion [4]. Less than 30 verified red diamonds exist worldwide today [4], fueling their mythic status among gemstone devotees and collectors. Cut into shape to best display their brilliance [1], these fiery diamonds command the highest per-carat prices of all fancy color diamonds, valued up to $5 million per carat [4]. Their extreme exclusivity adds diamond-strong allure.

Full-Fledged Allure: The Splendor of Orange Diamonds

loose orange diamondVibrant Warmth from Carbon Impurities

Orange diamonds make up less than 2% of colored diamond finds [4], granting them a magical aura. Ranging from the red-orange colors of flames to rich amber tones [1], their dazzling hues derive from nitrogen and hydrogen impurities present during their growth in the mining rough [4]. Heat treatments bring out their fiery brilliance [1]. Famous specimens like the Pumpkin Diamond enrapture with their robust color, treasured for their warm beauty and rarity.

Verdant Exception: The Green Diamonds of Nature

loose green diamondImpurities Creating Brilliant Green Sparks

Nature rarely produces diamonds boasting a rich green color, making them coveted by collectors [1]. Impurities like radiation exposure causes these diamonds to display hues from cool mint green to deeper olive shades [4]. Cut for ideal shape and fire [1], green diamonds glow from within, their verdant green shades shifting mysteriously. At only a few dozen known specimens like The Ocean Dream, they rank among the most prized diamond discoveries [4].

Diamonds in the Rough: The Grayscale Allure of Gray Diamonds

losse uncut diamondCloudier than more common clear white diamonds due to higher hydrogen and nitrogen impurities [1], demure gray diamonds exude an understated elegance. Ranging from muted silver to deeper anthracite grays [4], these lab-grown diamonds offer an affordable alternative to colorless diamonds [3]. Their quiet, icy beauty adds subtle sparkle, valuing refinement over flash in jewelry [5].


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