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What types of gemstones and designs does Shilat Jewelers offer for custom jewelry ?

What types of gemstones and designs does Shilat Jewelers offer for custom jewelry?

From vibrant colorful gems brimming with personality to classic
sparkling diamonds, Shilat Jewelers crafts fully bespoke fine jewelry
utilizing an array of precious and semi-precious stones so clients can
invent unique looks aligned individual preferences.

Accommodating customized requests, our expert jewelers deftly hand
select and set diversely sourced gemstones into made-to-order rings,
earrings, necklaces and bracelets molded specifically to match each
customer’s vision through collaborative design meetings.

With a well-stocked inventory of unusual gems in an array of cuts and
colors, nothing limits the possibilities imagining pieces fusing
favorites stones into one-of-a-kind artistic expressions. From adding
daughters' birthstones into complex eternity family rings to designing
Art Deco style bracelets with each geometric link showcasing alternating
jet black onyx, pink tourmaline and bright emerald cuts – our jewelers
make personalized statements realistic.

For those preferring traditional routes, reinvented diamond
solitaires or trillion matched sapphire earrings strike the perfect
balance pairing timeless sparkle with specially engraved touches and
hand fabricated settings ensuring no one else owns anything quite like

Let our award-winning design consultants open eyes to the vast
options found working one-on-one at Shilat Jewelers to curate gemstone
jewelry made-to-order just for you. Schedule a design experience focused
wholly on translating unique aesthetics into tangible bespoke keepsakes
carrying personal significance for years to come.

What steps does Shilat Jewelers take to ensure quality in their custom design process ?

At Shilat Jewelers, creating quality one-of-a-kind jewelry with gems
that captivate starts with our meticulous custom design process
optimized over decades helping clients achieve stunning customizable


The process begins by meeting clients for an in-depth consultation
where our advisors get fully briefed creative inspiration, lifestyle
factors, preferred stones and metals while offering guidance to inform
feasible design direction aligned to vision and budget.

Concept & Rendering

Next our on-site CAD design team translates consultation details into
initial hand sketches evolved into photorealistic 3D renderings for
clients to review and adjust until completely satisfied this digital
model faithfully represents the end product.

Estimates & Approval

Before advancing designs into production, we provide comprehensive
quotes outlining all materials, customization fees and projected
turnaround times for approval to align expectations. Adjustments occur
here if needed.

Procurement & Fabrication

Upon signed estimate approval, our GIA veteran gem buyers source
every central and accent stone required while our workshop fabricates
the piece precisely matching specifications in the rendering through
expert jewelry construction.

Quality Control Checks

Throughout fabrication meticulous inspections ensure completely flush
stone settings, structural integrity, engraving depth alignment, clean
finishes and design continuity matching the agreed upon rendering before
declaring a piece complete.

By moving gradually through clearly defined custom steps under a fine
jewelry specialist's supervision, Shilat Jewelers guarantees fully
personalized pieces crafted to last lifetimes while exceeding customer
aspirations. Schedule a design consultation today!

How does Shilat Jewelers help me choose stones and designs for custom jewelry ?

The possibilities for utterly unique combinations seem endless when
conceptualizing bespoke gemstone jewelry. At Shilat Jewelers, our
advisors provide invaluable guidance every step
of the process from educating on stone options to styling pieces
perfectly personalized for your lifestyle and taste.

Understanding that sourcing one-of-a-kind custom gems in certain
carat weights or matched pairs requires deeper stone market connections,
we leverage our long-standing relationships with premier suppliers
globally to hand select spectacular, ethically sourced gems in exact
specifications requested by clients for their custom designs.

Based on transparent feedback provided during complimentary
consultations regarding lifestyle factors, willingness for high
maintenance metals versus durable everyday alternatives as well as
creative aspirations, our design experts artfully assemble colored stone
mosaics or recommend new diamond cuts to achieve intended aesthetic
goals whether aiming for modern chic or vintage romance.

We help balance ornate artistic embellishments with noise-reducing
negative space allowing main stones maximum sparkle for pieces wearing
comfortably. Through strategic posing of thoughtful questions, our
advisors aid clients translating abstract inspiration into tangible
finished jewelry rendered perfectly in alignment with personal style.

Schedule a visit at our showroom where our informed staff inspire
possibility. Understand why fine jewelry devotees trust Shilat Jewelers
guiding them through the enjoyable process of designing completely
tailored jewelry encapsulating their unique taste and passions within
specially chosen gems set in precious metals symbiotically selected just
for them.

Can I fully customize the metal, stone cuts, engravings, and more for a one-of-a-kind creation?

Absolutely! At Shilat Jewelers, we specialize exclusively in fully
customized fine jewelry catered through bespoke services to match each
client’s distinct aesthetic vision and personal meaning they wish
symbolically conveyed through precious metals and rare gems selected
specially to articulate their loving intentions or commemorate important
milestones beautifully.

Rather than restrict creativity to pre-set limitations of readymade
jewelry, our custom patrons enjoy unbounded liberties to meticulously
hand pick diamonds, vibrant emeralds or signature birthstones then
brainstorm completely unique cuts and shapes before deciding how these
focal gems get creatively showcased within personalized settings
fashioned from their preferred gold or platinum metal types.

Beyond just gem and band personalization, our jeweler artisans can
hand engrave intimate encryptions along edges or across interior bands
if desired. For added refinement, settings integrate embellishments like
exposed halo diamond accents, engraved filigree sides or etched
milgrain edges elevating overall design exoticism.

Even supplementary styling factors like choosing between standard
prong setting protection, bezel encasement security or exposed tension
set suspension get decided by patrons seeking to manifest utterly
unmatched visions in tangible bespoke treasures they’ll treasure long

Schedule an initial design consultation and discover firsthand the
limitless customization control available to articulate your creative
gemstone jewelry visions into remarkable one-of-a-kind keepsakes thanks
to Shilat Jewelers’ exceptional bespoke services.

Does Shilat Jewelers craft custom engagement rings and wedding bands?

Indeed, designing fully customized engagement rings and wedding bands
refracting the uniqueness of your relationship provides a specialty
service we proudly offer couples seeking to commemorate life’s magical
moments through one-of-a-kind fine jewelry creations.

Whether contemporary or old-fashioned, understated or lavish, our
master jewelers actualize distinctive bespoke rings aligned to your
values that signify lifelong commitments with more personal substance
than mass-produced readymade bands ever could.

Those wanting superior fit choose our custom ring design option
allowing precision tapering, contouring and sizing during fabrication
forged especially flattering to your fingers while symbolizing the
seamless fit found between soulmates.

For artistic couples envisioning new age floating halo arrangements
or daring asymmetrical band sculpting, our CAD technology and expert
bench skills transpose even the most complex conceptual visions into
tangible matrimonial jewels worthy of passing through generations.

Additionally, incorporating engraved secret messages hidden away
within the band, conceived in your private shared language adds that
extra dose of significance celebrating cherished memories and inside
jokes you’ll reminisce fondly about during anniversaries for decades to

Let our award-winning design consultants guide you on conceiving
perfectly curated custom rings exhibiting your commitment uniquely as a
couple through symbolic design details and conscientiously chosen
diamonds or sapphires destined to spark envious looks everywhere your
hand waves hello!

How long does it typically take from order to delivery for custom gemstone jewelry from Shilat?

Understandably when investing in uniquely personalized fine jewelry
masterpieces, anxiousness sets in the moment design sessions finish as
thoughts home in on “When can I finally wear my exquisite customized
piece?” Rest assured our streamlined process means you won’t wait long.

From initial consultation finishing with approved rendering sign-off
to ring resizing or bracelet extension completion, clients can expect
approximately 4-6 weeks until their made-to-order gemstone jewelry gets
hand delivered based on standard project complexity.

Rush orders sometimes squeeze timelines down to 2-3 weeks if gem
procurement channels permit and our jewelry artisans have next opening
in our meticulous production queue. However we recommend exercising
patience so no quality detail gets overlooked trying to accelerate
intricate fabrication processes. Masterful artistry exacted flawlessly
takes time after all.

While readymade jewelry seems instantly gratifying, great reward
awaits those understanding customized commissions deserve careful
construction from start to finish so stunning heirlooms come perfectly
polished, ideal in every aspect to wear for a lifetime.

Trust our specialists executing every step purposefully to actualize
your creative vision beautifully. Soon enough your patience pays off
unboxing an extraordinarily striking signature piece finally finished to
flaunt with pride for special occasions or brighten mundane moments
going forward thanks our timely, quality-driven custom jewelry services.

Costume orders

shilat jewelry studio

Specializes in creating unique, handmade costume made jewelry.

We takes pride in designing and manufacturing every piece ourselves with any gemstone or diamond needed we can get the top collection gemstones and natural collection colors diamonds, all colors cuts and sizes and the certification needed to create a unique peace of art, infusing our work with love, kindness, and honesty. This commitment ensures that our customers receive top-quality, custom-made fine jewelry. So, if you're looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry that is crafted with care.