Collection: Gemstone rings - Sapphire - Emerald - Ruby

This collection showcases exquisite gemstone rings, each featuring a captivating center stone in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Sapphire: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of sapphires, renowned for their mesmerizing blues and a spectrum ranging from delicate pinks to fiery oranges.

Ruby: Unleash the fiery brilliance of rubies, symbolizing passion and intensity with their deep red hues.

Emerald: Embrace the lush elegance of emeralds, radiating a captivating green that reflects the verdant beauty of nature.

Tanzanite: Discover the mesmerizing allure of tanzanite, boasting a unique blend of blue and violet hues, often described as a luxurious twilight sky.

Tourmaline: Explore the vibrant world of tourmaline, offering a rainbow of colors including captivating greens, fiery pinks, and deep blues.

A Perfect Choice:
Whether you seek a statement piece for a special occasion or a timeless addition to your everyday wardrobe, these captivating gemstone rings with diamond accents are sure to become treasured possessions.

Make a vibrant statement with one-of-a-kind gemstone rings featuring dazzling diamond accents. These luxury accessories showcase your choice of vibrant sapphire, green emerald, red ruby, amethysts, blue topaz, garnets, tanzanite, opal and other exquisite natural stones, precision cut to maximize luster. Fiery emerald cuts, rich oval cabochons or stark princess shaped stones steal the show, highlighted by a halo of pave diamonds or delicate micro pavé bead settings adding luminous detail. Designed by artisans, ethical metals like 14k white, yellow and rose gold perfectly complement each stone's colorful personality. Wear these unique statement rings as bold cocktail glitz or every day sparkle – their head-turning elegance effortlessly matches any mood. For beautiful birthstone, anniversary or mother's rings that incorporate breathtaking gems and conflict-free diamonds, explore our stunning gemstone and diamond accented collection.