Collection: Lab created diamond studs

Discover our stunning selection of lab grown diamond stud earrings.

These beautiful studs feature ethically sourced diamonds with exceptional sparkle and brilliance, at a fraction of the price of mined diamonds.

Boast all the iconic brilliance of Lab grown diamond stud, without the ethical compromises of mined gems.

Expertly engineered in state-of-the-art facilities, lab grown diamonds are molecular identical to their mined counterparts. Cut to ideal proportions, they shine with the same optical precision and fire - at a fraction of the price.
Available in a range of superlative clarities and contemporary cuts, they can be crafted into timeless four-prong basket settings. Classic round and princess-cut lab grown diamond earrings refract light beams into a kaleidoscope of rainbow flashes.
Free from harsh environmental impacts, controversial mining practices and over-inflated price tags, lab grown diamond studs deliver conscience-free luxury. Their impressive sparkle comes balanced with perfect peace of mind.
In summary, lab grown diamond stud earrings fuse fine jewelry design with technological innovation for sustainably produced, ethical adornments that look a million dollars at an affordable price point.