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Emerald green engagement ring

Emerald green engagement ring

2.66ct Pear cut collection of fine and the verdant beauty of nature of vivid green Colombian emerald engagement ring 14k.

Mesmerizing Brilliance:
Emerald Fire: Each ring features a stunning emerald gemstone, meticulously chosen for its captivating green hue, exceptional clarity, and mesmerizing brilliance.
Shades of Green: Explore a spectrum of verdant tones, from delicate light green to deep, rich emeralds, allowing you to find the perfect match for your taste and her preference.
Sparkling Accents:
Diamond Delights: Delicate natural diamonds adorn many rings, adding a touch of brilliance and enhancing the fire of the emerald. These meticulously set accents create a stunning interplay of light and color.
Subtle Elegance: For a touch of understated luxury, some rings feature emerald gemstones as the sole stars, showcasing their natural beauty in all its glory.
A Symbol of Love and Renewal:
Emerald's Enchantment: Emeralds have long been associated with love, growth, and new beginnings, making them a unique and meaningful choice for an engagement ring.
Timeless Treasure: With its captivating beauty and enduring symbolism, a green emerald engagement ring is sure to become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

Modern Twists: Discover contemporary designs featuring geometric shapes or unconventional diamond placements for a fashion-forward look.
More than just a ring, a green emerald engagement ring signifies the beginning of a beautiful journey together. The captivating gemstone and the promise it embodies create a timeless treasure to be cherished for a lifetime.
Additional details to consider including:
Specific carat weight of the emerald(s) and any diamond accents.
Clarity and cut grade of the gemstones.
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Product Details

Totaling 2.66ct Emerald & Diamonds
Pear Emerald 2.30ct Colombian
Vivid Green ( Oil )
Accent Diamonds 0.36ct VS/F 22pc
Untreated VS2/G Color
Set in 14k gold white solid gold 4.1g
Size 6.5 (can be resized)
Prongs setting

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