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Diamond studs for women

How to Choose the Right Women diamond studs

Women diamond studs earrings are a timeless jewelry staple that every woman should have in her collection. With various diamond shapes, sizes, settings and quality grades to consider, picking the perfect pair of diamond studs can be tricky. This definitive guide will walk you through what to look for so you can choose diamond stud earrings you’ll treasure forever.

Match Diamond Studs to Her Style

The first consideration when choosing diamond stud earrings is your preferred style. Diamond stud styles include:

diamond studsDiamond solitaire studs - A single diamond in a basic four or six-prong setting is the most popular and versatile option. Go for round brilliant, princess or cushion cuts.

Diamond halo studs  - A central diamond is encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds for added sparkle and visual impact.

Diamond cluster studs - Multiple diamonds set closely together create a chic clustered effect. Opt for round diamonds set in channel or shared prong settings.

Diamond jacket studs - A diamond jacket surrounds either side of the center stone for major shine. Fancy shaped diamonds like pears and marquises work well.

diamond drop earrings - ShilatDiamond drop earrings - Diamond solitaires or clusters hang below the earlobe from diamond accented hoops or jewelry chains. An elegant dangly take on classic studs.

Once you select the style you like best, use it as guidance for choosing a diamond shape, setting and metal. The classic four-prong solitaire setting suits round diamonds, while cluster settings highlight princess or cushion cuts. Fancy shapes like Asscher and radiant work with halo or jacket styles. Yellow, white and rose gold can all beautifully accent diamonds.

Find the Perfect Diamond Size

Diamond_cut_color_clarity - ShilatDiamond carat weight - or the diamond’s physical size - also impacts stud style and sparkle factor. A general diamond size guide for stud earrings is:

  • 0.50ct - A diamond “starter” size with subtle sparkle
  • 0.75ct – 1ct - An average diamond stud size
  • 1ct - 2ct - A larger yet versatile diamond size
  • 2ct or bigger - A showstopping diamond size for special occasions

The setting and your earlobe size help determine what diamond carat weight looks best proportionally. Mini martini-style settings and halo rings make smaller diamonds appear bigger. Average or larger earlobe types balance 1 carat+ sizes. Have piercings re-done to sit higher on the earlobe for a diamond stud “bump up” effect.

Ultimately choose a diamond size you feel comfortable wearing daily within earlobe type and setting style considerations. Studying images of different diamond stud sizes on models is helpful for visualizing diamond carat weight scale on an actual ear before deciding on the best one for you or a gift recipient.

Pick a Diamond Cut With Maximum Sparkle

round brilliant diamond looseThe diamond cut quality impacts brilliance and fire - which is light reflected from a diamond’s facets. The best diamond cut for light performance are:

Ideal Cut - An ideal cut diamond with a perfect symmetry, angles and polish that reflect nearly all light to produce exceptional brilliance and fire. This premium cut represents just 3% of diamonds, commanding higher prices.

Excellent Cut - With precision faceting angles and exemplary symmetry, an excellent cut grade diamond reflects most light similar to ideal standards for radiant sparkle. The preferred choice for diamond studs.

Very Good Cut - Showing excellent craftsmanship, a very good cut grade diamond delivers beautiful light return and visual appeal. It’s an option that balances sparkle with value.

For diamond stud earrings to illuminate her face with gorgeous flashes of fire, an excellent or ideal cut grade is a smart pick. The volume of reflected light also accentuates the carat size. If an ideal cut is not in budget, choose an excellent grade over compromising on color or clarity for the diamond with the most dazzling sparkle factor.

Determine the Best Diamond Color

F Color loose diamond - ShilatDiamonds come in every color with colorless diamonds providing the most shine and rarity, followed by near-colorless diamonds with faint yellow tones. When set in white gold or platinum, these diamonds appear icy white for timeless beauty:

  • D, E, F - Considered colorless, these diamonds emit ethereal brilliance without any color visibility
  • G, H - Classified as near-colorless, these diamonds have extremely faint yellow tones only visible under magnification
  • I, J - While still appealing for diamond studs, these near colorless diamonds have faint traces of yellow visible to an untrained eye

For diamond studs with color grades D to H, differences in face-up visual color will be negligible once set in jewelry. Selecting a diamond on the lower end of this color range allows you to potentially go up in other Cs like carat weight and cut quality while keeping to your overall budget.

Choose a Diamond Clarity Enhanced With Light

VVS1 clarity loose diamond - ShilatDiamonds contain unique inner diamond characteristics called “inclusions” which together determine clarity. Flawless diamonds very rare and expensive for diamond earrings, so diamonds with “eye clean” clarity suit daily wear while optimizing carat size. These include:

  • SI1 and SI2 - “Slightly included” diamonds have inclusions difficult to see without 10x magnification that don’t impact beauty. Best value for 0.50 carat+ studs.
  • VS1 and VS2 - “Very slightly included” diamonds have minor inclusions that are extremely difficult to see under 10x magnification. Perfect for 0.75 carat+ studs.
  • VVS1 and VVS2 - “Very very slightly included” diamonds with microscopic inclusions that take effort to see under 10x magnification. Ideal for a luxe stud look with 1 carat+ studs.

While going down on diamond clarity seems counterintuitive, diamonds with light inclusions actually exhibit livelier light return while keeping prices affordable compared to internally flawless options - making them ideal for everyday diamond stud earrings.

Find the Best Place to Buy Diamond Stud Earrings

pink sapphire diamonds gia certifiedNow for the fun part - finding the right place to purchase diamond stud earrings! While the options may seem endless, focus your search on retailers that offer:

GIA,AGL,IGI,GRS... Laboratory Diamond Grading - Look for diamond grading reports from the most reputable gemological labs like GIA or others labs to ensure diamond quality claims are accurate ( color, clarity treatment and more).

360° High Resolution Diamond Imaging - Examine your diamond closely from all angles via 360° HD photos and videos that showcase cut, symmetry and optical precision.

Eye Clean Clarity Guarantee - Reputable retailers stand behind their clarity assessments, offering free returns if they don’t match what’s promised

Lifetime Warranty - Seek lifetime workmanship and manufacturing defect protection that comes with major third-party appraisal values - ensuring your diamond studs will last forever.

30 Day Returns - Return diamond studs for any reason within 30 days of purchase for added buying assurance.

By sticking to reputable jewelers that offer transparency around diamond quality, extensive imagery for virtual viewing, and helpful buyer protection policies like warranties and returns - you’ll feel confident in finding gorgeous diamond stud earrings guaranteed to match what you paid for.

Wrapping Up How to Choose Diamond Stud Earrings

small_round_diamond - ShilatFinding that perfect pair of diamond stud earrings for your unique style and budget ultimately comes down to an enjoyable mix of setting your aesthetic priorities and doing a little diamond education homework on the 4Cs and buying considerations covered here.

Use this guide's tips on narrowing down the ideal diamond stud style, carat size range, excellent cut quality, D-H near colorless color grade, eye clean SI - VS clarity, and a trusted jewelry retailer. Take time studying diamond stud variations. Then allow yourself to be dazzled by the diamond design meant just for you - whether a classic four prong martini solitaire, dazzling cluster, or elegant halo diamond jacket with dreamy sparkle. Their timeless beauty will elegantly frame your face for daily wear or special occasions for decades to come!

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