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Engagement rings for women

What is the Most Popular Engagement Ring Cut?

When shopping for an engagement ring to surprise your beloved, one of the biggest decisions you'll make is choosing the diamond's cut - as it directly impacts the ring's sparkle factor. The most sought-after diamond cut for engagement rings is the round brilliant, with over 75% of all diamond purchases being round cuts. So why does this classic style dominate the engagement ring market?

Timeless Popularity of the Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut has been the world's most popular diamond cut for over a round briiliant diamond - Shilatcentury thanks to its intricate faceting patterns and optical symmetry perfectly calibrated to reflect light beautifully. Its 360-degree symmetrical shape emits the ultimate sparkle from the diamond's top (table) to bottom (culet) when paired with a colorless to near colorless G-H clarity diamond. The scintillating flashes of brilliance have made round diamond rings a go-to symbol of pure love and lifelong commitment between two people.

Beyond its romantic symbolism and sparkle appeal, the versatility and balance of the round brilliant cut against almost all ring settings keeps this traditional style in high demand for engagement. Fancy shaped diamonds like cushion cuts and princess cuts have seen a rise in popularity for more unique engagement ring looks. However the allure of brilliant round diamonds is forecast to continue dominating worldwide demand as other cuts come into and fade out of temporary fashion over time.

round brilliant diamond chart - ShilatToday’s diamond cut quality and precision have also improved round brilliance for engagement rings to amplify their timelessness. Where this diamond darling cut was considered “in” decades ago, it’s now deemed eternal.

So for the most universally flattering diamond cut that overflows with sparkling symbolism, the round brilliant cut steals the spotlight on the left ring finger for good reason - conveying true love brilliantly.


How Do You Choose the Best Women Engagement ring ?

Finding the perfect diamond to symbolize your forever love is key when selecting an engagement ring. With the four Cs - cut, clarity, color and carat - framing diamond quality, how do you pick the best combination that expresses your sentiments and suits your budget?

Start With Diamond Cut

round brilliant diamond looseA diamond’s cut quality impacts its sparkle factor more than any other C, making it the most important consideration. Ideal and excellent cuts reflect light beautifully to bathe your beloved’s finger in brilliance, while poorer cuts lack fire. Focus on round, princess or cushion cuts with grades from ideal to very good for engaging radiance.

Add Some Body With Carat Weight

Part of what makes a diamond so precious is rarity, so opt for an impressive carat size to make a statement while working within your budget. Consider going just under standard carat milestones (0.99ct, 1.99ct) which significantly save money with no visible difference. Or boost perceived size through halo, eternity band or tapered baguette accents around the center stone.

asscher_cut_diamond - ShilatBring Some Clarity on Inclusions

Minuscule imperfections inside diamonds called inclusions determine clarity. Eye clean diamonds have inclusions barely visible under 10x magnification, making them perfect for everyday wear. Prioritize cut and color over high clarity grades which jack up prices with no added sparkle to the naked eye.

Select the Best Colorless Look

The more colorless the diamond, the more beautiful refraction of rainbow light shows through. Near colorless grades G-H will emit a luminous sparkle within rose or white metal settings affordable for brilliant engagement rings. While D-F grades are considered fully colorless, visual differences are hardly noticeable if color is the compromise made to excel in cut and carat.

Making some small concessions around diamond Cs if needed can score you a gorgeous quality diamond with fire and life that she’ll treasure forever. Compromise intelligently and rely on an experienced jeweler to select the highest grade at each C where it counts most.

What are the Different Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings?

While the traditional round brilliant diamond is considered the gold standard for engagement rings, unique diamond shapes add a personalized twist. From geometric cuts like asschers to oval diamonds evoking vintage romance, alternative diamond shapes create distinctive silhouettes and eye-catching profiles when embraced as center stones.

princess_cut_diamond - ShilatPrincess Cut Diamonds

The princess cut is the second most popular shape for engagement rings after rounds, loved for its modern edge. Its stunning square or rectangular cut combines round diamond’s sparkle with an unexpected geometric shape containing pointed corners and sharp edges. Princess cut diamonds make smaller carats appear bigger, maximizing perceived size. A princess cut paired with diagonal accent stones for extra shape play is a contemporary choice.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cuts harness an antique look with their curvaceous pillow-like shape and rounded corners. Their larger facets highlight clarity while providing exceptional brilliance through their broad, uncluttered tables. For vintage-inspired romance, a halo cushion cut diamond in a delicate halo is gorgeous.

Oval Cut Diamonds

oval loose diamond - ShilatThe elliptical shape of oval cut diamonds is a natural showstopper, using curved lines to beautifully highlight the stone’s brilliance. Their elongated silhouette can give the illusion of a larger diamond, getting you more bang for your buck. A dazzling oval also works nicely with a pave or split shank band.

While round brilliant diamonds retain supreme symbolism for engagements, these alternate cuts allow for added personalization and visual intrigue. Many couples today prefer standing out from traditional engagement rings with one of these distinctive diamond shapes reflecting their uniqueness as a duo.

What Metal Should You Choose for the Women Engagement rings Band?

Finding the perfect diamond might get top billing when selecting an engagement ring, but the metal band that will forever embrace this sparkling stone also requires consideration. Choosing a metal setting aligned with her jewelry style sets the stage for a ring design she’ll adore.

Platinum Women Engagement rings

diamond gold ringPrized as one of the world’s most precious metals, platinum brings a high-end feel with its distinctive white luster similar to white gold, but with extra density and heft. As a hypoallergenic metal that doesn’t fade or tarnish, platinum makes durable long-term wear engagement rings to symbolize forever bonds. Vintage inspired engagement rings also shine when crafted from substantive platinum.

White Gold Engagement Rings

diamond engagement ringAlso providing a bright white look to showcase colorless diamonds, white gold offers brilliance on a budget. By including other white metals like nickel, zinc or palladium, it attains a light color without the priciness of platinum. White gold needs occasional replating to maintain its fresh hue. But with strong hardness, white gold is built for everyday wear - especially when accenting diamonds with side stones or accents.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold warms up engagements with its distinctive pinkish glow designed to beautifully compliment all skin tones. Blending yellow gold with copper creates rose gold’s soft coloring and metallic shine. Beyond a glamorous aesthetic, rose gold is hypoallergenic and doesn’t easily scratch or tarnish. For a vintage inspired or alternative engagement ring, rose gold carries romantic symbolism.

Keep her personal jewelry style, metal allergy considerations and longevity priorities around finger protection in mind when deciding which metal shines brightest for her engagement ring. Selecting that meant-for-her metal type brings you one step closer towards a customized ring she’ll absolutely cherish.

How Do You Find Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing?

You want to surprise the love of your life with that dream engagement ring. But how do you stealthily determine her finger size without blowing your cover? In scoping out the right ring size, these clever ideas won’t tip your proposal plans and keep the magic alive.

Casually Borrow a Ring

diamond engagement ringSimply asking to examine or try on one of her existing rings is a no-fuss way to discover her ring size. When lending you a ring, she’ll have no reason to suspect a surprise engagement in the works as long as you handle the “borrow” request casually without dropping hints. Bring the subtly “sampled” ring to the jeweler for sizing reference. Just be sure to return the borrowed accessor afterwards so she doesn’t realize it’s missing in action!

Enlist a Trusted Companion

For intel support, privately recruit a trusted confidante of hers to sleuth for specifics about rings she already wears on her left ring finger. A sibling, BFF or even her mom can discover these size deets covertly when hanging out together. So when she eventually relays back the target finger’s size, your confidante expertly plays dumb about why you inquired. Bonus if they also snap a photo of the ring for her finger gauge!

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

One of the most pressing questions for soon-to-be fiancés is determining the ideal engagement ring budget. Traditionally, two to three months' salary was the recommended ring spend to properly reflect the depth of your devotion. But with salaries and financial situations differing so widely, today's couples take a more pragmatic approach to ring budgeting.

Assess Your Financial Picture

diamond on tabel - ShilatGet financially transparent with yourself and determine what ring price lands within your means without causing money stresses down the road. Take stock of current income, savings, investments, debts and household expenses to map out a budget with breathing room. This may require postponing the engagement timeline a few months to accumulate more ring savings while avoiding debt.

Her Style Preferences

Factor in her unique style and practical nature along with your budget barriers to guide expectations. Does she wear lots of statement jewels needing a bold ring to match? Or is her accessory style more subtle and suited to a delicate ring with accent stones over a large focal diamond? Communicate openly about financial goals to choose the just-right ring for her style that reasonably aligns with the financial bigger picture.

Craft a Custom Ring

blue diamond ringRather than paying a premium for a ready-made ring, work with a jeweler to custom design a ring within your set budget. Opting for an excellent cut smaller carat diamond surrounded by a halo of gem accents or fitted to a split shank band creates the illusion of a mega center stone for less. Or reset inherited diamonds from a grandmother’s ring into a new modern setting as the sentimental base for her dazzler. When custom crafting, you control the cost compromise while still achieving wonderful symbolism.

At the end of the day, attaching record-setting price tags to engagement rings proves less important than conveying your forever commitment and unity moving forward together. Set spending boundaries, get creative on ring design within those, and she’ll glow with happiness at this symbolic first step towards your married future.

What is a Good Engagement Ring Warranty to Get?

After pouring your heart, soul and savings into finding the ultimate engagement

ring, protecting that precious investment should be top priority. While you hope she’ll gently handle her dazzling diamond memento of your proposal, life happens. Adequately insuring her ring offers peace of mind if accidents occur or stones loosen over decades of wear. Here’s what to look for in safeguarding rings with warranties.

What are Conflict-Free Diamonds?

Beyond the four Cs of cut, clarity, color and carat, today's discerning diamond buyers prioritize a fifth C - conflict-free ethical sourcing. Seeking diamonds verifiably untraceable to violence or human rights abuses has become a top consideration for newly engaged couples.

What Conflict Diamonds Are

loose round diamond - ShilatThe diamond industry has come under scrutiny for funding regional conflicts in African nations like Sierra Leone, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rebels groups in these areas seized control of diamond mines, using sales to finance deadly civil wars throughout the 1990s. Global estimates claim millions lost their lives as a result. Reports exposed the crisis, and the term “blood diamonds” emerged for these conflict-tied stones.

The Kimberley Process

In 2003 the UN adopted the Kimberley Process to halt flow of conflict diamonds by setting distribution regulations. Over 80 nations globally enforce Kimberley Process measures requiring diamond shipments be exported in tamper-proof containers with warranted certificates validating region/seller details. Nations also ban any diamond trade with non-members to choke illegal trafficking. While imperfect, the Kimberley Process significantly reduced diamond conflict funding by imposing legitimate export standards.

Going Beyond Kimberley - Certified Ethical Sourcing

diamond_world_map - ShilatResponsible retailers now adhere to blockchain ledger inventory tracking and industry ethical mining standards that plot a diamond’s full journey - from sourcing to market. Seeing impact reports firsthand provides customers reassurance around conflict-free commitments when buying diamonds and diamond jewelry. This enables brides and grooms to feel confident their forever symbols came to market through legitimate, ethical channels.

Shopping small, local jewelers who personally stand behind their sourcing ethics continues gaining appeal for newly engaged couples too. Beyond bureaucracy and big name brands, couples desire the meaningful merchant-to-consumer connections that personalized service brings.

With transparency and technology driving the movement, diamond buyers increasingly demand ethical responsibility tied to the dazzling stones they gift their beloveds.

What Does an Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Beyond the sheer delight of receiving a glittering diamond ring when your partner pops the question, the meaning and symbolism of engagement rings traces back centuries. The sentiment, significance and traditions evoked each time someone gets down on one knee endures across cultures.


Symbol of Commitment

engagement diamond ring yellow gold - ShilatAn engagement ring signifies commitment in its most ultimate sense - the decision to exclusively give your lives to one another by pledging to seal your bond officially as spouses. It marks the first milestone in taking that sacred vow by committing your futures together. The ring cements a couple's promise that only death will part them.

Token of Affection

The engagement ring also encapsulates an outright token of the profound affection between two people. It transforms private displays of love and intimacy into a public declaration that declares to the world the depth of feeling between soon-to-be newlyweds. An engagement ring broadcasts that their hearts now belong fully to each other.

Circle of Eternal Love

cushion loose diamond - Shilat

In addition to the dazzling diamond centerpiece, the continuous circle shape of engagement rings holds symblism too. The never-ending circle reflects unity, wholeness and harmony - just as the couple promises to keep an unbroken bond in their marriage commitment. And as a circle has no defined start or finish, neither should their enduring love and care for one another.

Above all, engagement rings represent the wonder, excitement and joy that comes with deciding to dedicate entire lives to one another. It initiates their status as true partners ready to take on the world hand-in-hand.


How Can You Make an Affordable Engagement Ring Still Look Luxury?

Engagement rings may be prized for the sheer carat size of their dazzling center diamonds. But focusing more thoughtfully around quality over quantity creates affordable ring options no less spectacular. By making strategic design moves, you get the glam factor while respecting your budget.

loose pink diamondChoose an Excellent Cut Diamond

Opt for a diamond with ideal symmetry and angles to maximize brilliance rather than size. An excellent cut just under one carat radiates way more beauty than a poorly cut two carat diamond. Excellent cutting precision makes the most of even smaller diamonds.

Embrace Accent Stones

Flank the center stone with a halo of smaller diamonds to give the illusion of one massive diamond for a fraction of the price. Channel set bands and eternity side stones also boost the look of a smaller center diamond quite affordably.

heart_cut_diamond - ShilatPlay with Shapes

Fancy cut diamonds like asscher, cushion and oval shapes tend to cost less than traditional round brilliants while still providing stunning sparkle. Their dazzling geometries feel fresh.

Choose Alternative Center Stones

Pairing diamond accents with an eye-catching gemstone centerpiece keeps cost low. Sapphires, emeralds or rubies offer deep hues. Morganite, aquamarine and tourmaline provide soft pastels.

Opt for 14K Gold Over Platinum

Platinum is rarer than gold, commanding higher prices. By selecting rich 14K gold over platinum, you keep metal costs lower without sacrificing beauty.

While meeting budget, these tricks make choosing an engagement ring she’ll adore equally possible. Thoughtfully embracing cut quality over size, strategizing accent placement, playing with shapes and stones, and choosing gold over platinum keeps rings affordable yet totally swoon-worthy.

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